Help Support My Mission!

I am on a mission!  I want to help other people living with chronic pain have hope and learn to enjoy life and find happiness even in the midst of physical and mental pain.

Also, I am passionate about advocating for the chronic pain community.  I will speak and inform anyone that with discuss it with me. Sometimes, I do it from my lazy boy chair, and sometimes, I travel.  I also encourage other’s with chronic pain to advocate on the government level.

I have been a chronic pain warrior since I began migraines at 7 years old.  I also have back and leg issues that cause severe pain that constricts my mobility sometimes.

I searched and searched for a specific diagnosis for years for both chronic illnesses. No one could decide precisely why I was in so much pain.  Discouraged, I was in severe depression for many years.  I lost so much during this time.  I missed out on so much life.

Once I began the right combination of medications for the depression and anxiety, I began to think much clearer.  I decided the medical doctors are not going to help me until science and research advanced, so I am learning all I can about pain and alternative ways to treat pain.  Through this discovery, I have gained valuable tools to address the problems that chronic pain has created in my life.

Finding these answers have been life-changing, and I want to help others find their way to happiness. It is a struggle that you can’t do alone.  I can help others find a better way to cope while living in pain.

If you have any questions, please contact directly at

Would you consider helping me with this mission?

I appreciate your encouragement and help!



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