Bouncing Back

I am starting to become discouraged because of my limited abilities lately. I tell myself that I am not a burden, but sometimes I do not believe it. Even though it feels like it will never go away, I must remember that this level of pain is not going to be forever. But sometimes when you are in severe pain, that is all you can see and feel and taste, so it can be hard to change your perspective to a healthy one.

I will have a break in the severe pain eventually. I know this. I have begun to notice the rhythms of my pain. I’m learning to go with it instead of fighting every step. I may not be able to change that I am in pain, but suffering is optional.

After all the hoopla in the last post about the opioid symposium last week, I ended up not going to the event. I admit that I was disappointed that I would not be able to make a connection with my state representative, but my mom had a medical event. She is 83, and I am her caretaker. She is self-sufficient usually, but I did not want to leave her until I was sure that it was only a virus and nothing serious.

As soon as I have the time, I will request a visit with my state government officials to discuss how chronic pain affects every aspect of our lives and how their decisions will impact the chronic pain community.

I am not advocating for opioids around the clock for everyone. I want people to understand the reason there is such a backlash from chronic pain patients about wanting their opioids is because the government agencies are leaving us with no alternatives that actually work to replace the pain relieving medicines they want to take away. I believe every person I have spoken to about this issue has said that they would never take another opioid IF they had something else that actually worked to relieve their pain.

We need more research on pain because everyone experiences it differently. How we perceive pain is a complex interaction between mind and body. There is nothing that happens in the individual that affects only the mind or only the body. This interaction involves the nervous system and other factors, which include: genetic, culture, modeling, thoughts, stress, history of abuse, and trauma.

Right now pain research is lacking, but many people are deep in the trenches working tirelessly on changing the fact that we do not have affordable, effective alternative to the opioid medicines. You can also help by telling your story to your elected officials and make them understand our difficult situation, so more money is allocated for studies about pain.

My mom is feeling much better today, and I am getting back into my regular rhythm which helps me to feel the best I can. I have been in extra pain because of the rainy, hot weeks we have been having. Also, I cannot seem to bounce back from the trip to Chicago for the chronic pain support group training.  I am pushing the first organized meeting in September. I am praying that I will be able to get everything done in that timeframe.

What positive things do you do when you get discouraged by not bouncing back as fast as you would like from a flare? Do you get impatient and push through the pain or do you realize you need to up the self-care?

Much Love and Many Prayers,

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10 thoughts on “Bouncing Back

  1. Hi
    One issue with the Opioid Crisis is what is included in that number. A person on the streets scoring meth is not the same. Yet the numbers are included. I know exactly what you mean about needing them. My doctor won’t prescribe anymore because he’s an ass and gives me Tramadol which is like taking two Tylenol.

    Another issue with the abuse numbers, they include the elderly who are dying in severe pain. What are we going to cut them off? One of the first articles I read about “the crisis” was the number of people addicted was over 55. What does that say…..these aren’t drug addicts out trying to get a fix, they are trying to make the best of their last days.

    Doctors are to blame for where we are today for not monitoring patient usage. My doctor required I come in every 30 days when on Oxy, if protocol was in place doctors a guide to when to stop the RX and change to another.

    If you haven’t tried acupuncture, chiropractor or pain med doctor you may want to investigate. My pain med is so bad I’ve taken maybe 3 this month, at one time. Acupuncture is next on my list. I love Chiroprators and need to take the time to find a new one.

    Sending you sunshine.

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    • Thanks for my sunshine! Much needed. I’ve done all of that. Massage actually works the best (a real massage, not a foo foo massage at a spa). When I was able to get one each week, I was at my best. The alternatives you mentioned do help, but they don’t completely stop the pain for me. I pray you have some sunshine in your life today, also!

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        • I only get Tramadol now which doesn’t work very well. It’s like taking less than a Tylenol for severe pain. The fact that it is a controlled substance is a complete joke, but I guess there are people that will take a ridiculous amount to get high. I use gabapentin as little as possible but usually only once a day to get some relief. Gabapentin ruined my life in many ways. It makes me completely brain dead when taken on a regular basis (my opinion only). I am finding that I am torturing myself because I don’t want to use all of my pain meds for fear I will not get any more. The people that are changing the opioid prescribing laws, etc. do not understand that what they are doing will be torturing people every moment of their lives. Others that are much worse than me will not stand a chance. The unfortunate thing is that the people that are pushing for it will one day be in severe pain at some point in their lives only then will they understand what they have done.

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        • Please remember living your daily life to the fullest is the goal. You have severe pain which causes a great deal of inflammation which causes other internal problems. While I was at my worst with Lyme my doctor stressed the importance of getting in front of your pain, don’t let it elevate and take the pain meds even though you think you don’t need them now. I’m with you, both drugs are not working for me at current dosage. My next meeting with doctor I’ve drawn a graph of how neither dosage is not enough to help. Tramadol is prescribed by according to my doctor it is the least addictive. Who cares, it’s up to the doctor to manage you pain and medicate to that level. I’ve taken maybe 5 Tramadol in 2 months. My Therapist said both drugs are commonly prescribed but she had patients on much higher doses. That the route I’m take before arguing with him over differ meds.
          I’m sure you know all that and I’m rambling because of my pain. My Therapist said she has a patients taking 600-900 mg of Gabapenton. I’m on 100 mg.
          I haven’t read all of your post, I know you’ve done a ton to find out what is wrong-no diagnosis? I’ll carry on if needed on email. 🙂

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  2. Dealing with so much pain and still being able to accomplish all you have is amazing and shows just how strong you really are. I think all this craziness with the “Opioid Crisis” is a bunch of BS and completely planned by the government. It would not be a crisis if they would just handle health issues with more empathy. Those of us that live life in chronic pain are NOT the same as those trying to score on the streets and we SHOULD NOT be treated as such. I went through a lot of drama with my pain doctor, but we are now on the same page. I learned a valuable lesson with him, do not say something negative about the man in the white house because he obviously thinks he is great!!


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