Good Medicine


I wanted to check in with everyone. I was missing in action most of May, but it wasn’t on purpose. Mostly, physical issues prevented me from doing all the things I wanted to get accomplished. My migraines are always worse in the Spring and the Fall times of the year. We’ve also had a lot of rain on the east coast of North Carolina. That has contributed to more pain from my back and legs.

But today I feel fantastic. All my meds are working well, and there is sweet sunshine today to encourage me further!


I did my stretches outside this morning in my backyard. We have a neighborhood pond close to us, and I am very thankful for the view. It is very relaxing early in the morning or late in the evening. Here in the south we already have crazy heat indexes. It’s no fun to be in the miserable heat in the middle of the day.

But I have something else that has been keeping me busy. I am trying to start a support group in my area and online. I am flying to Chicago for a chronic pain support group training. I am so excited and scared! Hubby is going with me to help so I know I will be okay with his help.

I will be learning about how to start a support group specifically for chronic pain warriors to help each of us to not just muddle through life but to continue to get up each morning and find hope and a purpose.

That is coming up in the next couple of weeks so preparing for that and then recovering when I get home will take some time. I plan to blog some repeats for those that are just jumping on board.

Chronic pain has created some very rough times in my life, but it has created opportunities for me to grow stronger as a person in ways that I never dreamed I would be doing.

I am only taking my unplanned life circumstances and turning them into opportunities to help other people. And I think that is the best medicine in the world!

What’s your perspective on these thoughts?

Much love and many prayers,

Photo Credit: Cindy @ChronicPainWithAHigherPerspective

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19 thoughts on “Good Medicine

  1. I am so glad you are back! I am so sorry your migraines are worse in the fall and spring, I really do understand far too much! Migraines are literally one of the worse kinds of pain known to man-kind! I am so inspired by you taking a bad situation and turning it into something a little better!

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  2. Hello Cindy I was in a Pain 101 Course before my surgery June 5th. It helps teach us how live with Chronic Pain. It is about changing what we do to help us live with it. I dropped out after Week #7 but I am going to go back when I heal up. I get to start at Week #1 again. This was held at the University Hospital in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. I know you will learn lots and look forward to hearing the success of your new pain group Cindy !! “Never give up” should be Chronic Pain Sufferer’s Motto

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      • The firist step is a group meeting once a week. We talk about how Chronic Pain can not be cured. It can be managed at times with medication. We talk about alternative theories of getting rid of pain. Their are about 6 steps all together in this course. The Government Through Alberta Health Services operates these courses through Pain Doctors and Psychologists. I hope this helps a bit. You can ask me more questions when you want

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        • When the program was set up way back about 11 years ago or longer. Things were not like today. It has been rebuilt from top to bottom. They have always had Pain Doctors involved. It is abetter program today by far. It was offered back then because patients had chronic pain. That group of patients is now taking more groups and more space at the hospital and other Pain Clinics around the capital city.

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